Govt Approves New Digital Advertising Policy To Reach Wider Audience


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) has approved a new digital advertising policy. This policy allows websites with at least 2.5 lakh unique users per month, as well as other digital platforms like OTT and podcasts, to be enlisted for publicity campaigns.

The MIB believes that this new policy will help the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) reach a wider audience by taking advantage of the increasing digital media consumption in the country.

Apart from making it easier to include websites in publicity campaigns, the CBC will also be able to deliver its public service campaign messages through mobile applications for the first time.

The government wants to tap into the growing number of mobile users in the country. According to a report by, Indian users downloaded over 28 billion apps on their phones in 2022, which accounted for 5 per cent of global downloads.

The CBC, which operates under the MIB, is responsible for creating awareness and disseminating information about various programs, schemes, and policies of the Government of India.

The ‘Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023’ also introduces a competitive bidding mechanism to enhance transparency and efficiency. The rates determined through this process will be valid for three years and will apply to all eligible agencies.

With the large number of subscribers in the digital world and the ability to send messages through digital advertisements, the government can effectively deliver citizen-centric messages in a targeted manner, resulting in cost efficiencies in public-oriented campaigns.

The MIB noted that there has been a significant increase in digital media consumption in recent years. The ‘Digital India’ program has played a major role in connecting more people to the internet and social and digital media platforms.

This new policy was developed after consulting with various stakeholders, according to the government.

With the increasing internet access and availability of smartphones, digital consumption in the country has surged. Currently, India has 759 million internet users, and this number is expected to reach 900 million by 2025. Indians spend an average of 194 minutes on social media, 44 minutes on OTT platforms, and 46 minutes on online gaming daily, according to a report.

The government aims to reach this growing population of internet-savvy individuals with its new advertising policy.

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