Nitin Kamath’s Rainmatter-backed Game Theory Acquires


Game Theory, a real sports brand, made a strategic acquisition of, sports analytics startup. The acquisition, effective as of October 28, 2023. The specifics of the acquisition are not disclosed, the primary objective behind this strategic move is clear: to accelerate the technology roadmap of AI capabilities and computer vision, revolutionising the real sports experience for their users, according to the company.

With the acquisition of, Game Theory aims to set itself apart as one of the very few companies in the world with capabilities to bring deep tech capabilities into the world of sports to take the gameplay experience to sports enthusiasts of all skill levels, it said in a statement.

Game Theory’s Founder, Sudeep Kulkarni, Founder, Game Theory, said, “Matchday has developed incredible computer vision technology. The world’s top athletes have used it to help improve their game. Game Theory will now bring this technology to everyday players. The sheer number of data points from actual gameplay that will now feed into this tech will be game-changing. This will also help us be able to deliver tech-enabled coaching, which was so far only for pro-sports. We can now not just identify micro improvements for casual real sports players but also function as a tech-first scout for building India’s future athletes.”

Ganesh Yaparla and Harsha Vardhan Komanna, Co-founder of Matchday.AI said “From our initial engagement with the Game Theory team, it was striking how harmoniously our visions aligned, in wanting to make sports more engaging through the use of technology. While addressing the same challenge from distinct perspectives, we specialised in pioneering state-of-the-art technology and building world-class products that are embraced by elite athletes and organisations. Conversely, Game Theory’s proficiency in operational strategy and a robust business model resonated across a broad market landscape. Recognising our complementary strengths, we were all able to agree that working together gave us the best chance of realizing our shared vision.”

This marks Game Theory’s first acquisition. Prequate Advisory was the exclusive M&A advisor on the acquisition.

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