Accel-backed SaaS Startup OSlash To Shut Down Its Operations


Accel-backed SaaS startup OSlash is shutting down its operations at the end of this month. The firm will not accept new registrations from now on, it said on its website.

OSlash was founded in 2020 by Ankit Pansari and Shoaib Khan. It provided a tool for enterprise productivity, allowing employees to easily find information within an organisation using simple keywords. This way, teams could collaborate effectively by having a central location for important files and URLs, similar to platforms like Linkedin, Google and Meta.

The startup started with OSlash shortcuts but didn’t find commercial success. In a blog post, the it expressed gratitude to users and made the OSlash shortcuts open source and free forever. It also provided an open-source extension for existing OSlash users to download and export their existing shortcuts.

The deadline for exporting shortcuts is 29 November. OSlash raised USD 5 million in funding earlier this year and had previously raised USD 2.5 million. Despite the growth expected in the Indian SaaS market, some startups, including OSlash, have faced challenges and shut down.

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