IAN Group Appoints Sarika Saxena As Managing Partner For Its Alpha Fund

Sarika Saxena, Managing Partner, IAN Alpha Fund

IAN Group has appointed Sarika Saxena as Managing Partner of IAN Alpha Fund, a SEBI registered AIF Cat II.

According to IAN, Saxena brings over 25 years of diverse professional experience and have served in key and leadership positions across different organisations.
Her investment portfolio has covered a range of sectors, including consumer, technology, fintech, edtech, etc both within the domestic and international markets.

Raman Roy, Co-founder, IAN, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Sarika Saxena as the new Managing Partner of IAN Alpha Fund. Her exceptional insights, extensive industry expertise, and unwavering commitment to early stage investing makes her a perfect addition to the top class team of current Managing Partners. We are confident that Sarika will not only accelerate our diversified investment strategy but also drive growth for the portfolio companies, the Fund invests in.”

Sarika Saxena, Managing Partner at IAN Alpha Fund, said, “I am truly honored to be a part of IAN, an esteemed organization that has consistently led the industry as a pioneer for an impressive 16 years. I am excited to join the prestigious IAN leadership team and I look forward to utilising my domain expertise, extensive global network, and multifaceted experience to drive the IAN Alpha Fund’s success, both in India and on the international stage.”

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