KaarTech Acquires Dunn Solutions Group


KaarTech a global digital transformation consulting company, has broadened its’ capabilities and geography by acquiring Dunn Solutions Group, a customer experience solutions consultancy headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Speaking about the acquisition, Maran Nagarajan, CEO of KaarTech, says, “We are excited to join forces with Dunn Solutions to accelerate our vision of redefining Digital Transformation. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds – our SAP expertise and Dunn Solutions’ prowess in Customer Experience – to create a transformative force that will deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

Bill Dunn, CEO of Dunn Solutions, says “KaarTech has earned a reputation as a key driver of SAP innovation across a number of verticals over the years globally, and we are excited to join them as we look to leverage the assets and experience of Dunn Solutions to continue building on KaarTech’s success in the Digital Transformation Space”.

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