Startups Raise $413 Mn Across 21 Deals In Second Week Of September


In the second week of September, Indian startups maintained a robust funding pace, successfully raising a total of USD 413 million through 21 deals from September 11 to September 15. This represents a significant 61 per cent increase compared to the previous week’s funding of USD 257 million through 18 deals.

During this period, one notable mega deal stood out, as fintech SaaS-based startup Perfios secured an impressive USD 229 million in its Series D round, with Kedaara Capital as the leading investor.

The city of Bengaluru served as the headquarters for Perfios, which specializes in fintech SaaS solutions. This fundraising achievement by Perfios stands as the highlight of the week, making it the largest fundraise recorded.

Driven by Perfios’ substantial funding, the fintech sector emerged as the most funded sector within the Indian startup ecosystem, securing a total of USD 231 million across four deals.

Among the various sectors, enterprisetech recorded the highest deal count, securing a total of USD 85.6 million across five startup funding deals.

Interestingly, the number of seed funding deals witnessed a decline this week compared to the previous week, with only three deals taking place.

From an investor standpoint, Kedaara Capital displayed significant activity during this period, participating in two of the week’s notable deals.

Overall, the second week of September showcased a thriving landscape for Indian startups, with impressive funding achievements and active investor engagement across various sectors.

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