Democratised Venue For Artists: Match My Talent Founder


Written by- Debadurllav Harichandan

Google, under its second cohort, chose 20 women-led enterprises across the sectors as a part of its Startups Accelerator: Women Founders Program. This program aims to provide mentorship and networking opportunities to early-stage, female-led Indian startups. Sonia Swaroop Choksi, a filmmaker and an entrepreneur, has been selected for this accelerator program.

Choksi is the Founder and CEO of Match My Talent, an umbrella body for artists. By bridging the gap between artistic validation and consumer needs, Match My Talent avails the convenience of reaching out to artists in a matter of clicks. In the words of the Founder, the platform is a democratised venue for artists.

The Founder is hopeful that Match My Talent would take leaps with its technological assistance. She highlights that the platform has no current needs of building any robust revenue plans. However, she said that the company would develop a revenue model starting from the next fiscal year.

Meanwhile, the Match My Talent would focus on 20 per cent growth return rate year-on-year. According to the company, it has a network of around 35,000 artists across the country. It is designed to cater the needs of potential hirers especially producers, directors and event managers.

The current ecosystem has decreased the celebrity-audience interaction gap. In line with this, considering the potent network of celebrity managers and agents, it could be stated that actors and celebrities nowadays are much more accessible. However, Choksi believes that such developments would have no impact on Match My Talent.

She stated, “As someone who has earned my bread and butter from the art and entertainment industry and have been a passionate audience to all forms of art and culture, I want to set the narrative that induces more local artists into the system and we no longer live on the word of mouth approach, but like all other industries, follow certain systems to growth even in art, culture, media and entertainment.”

Commenting on the aspirations of the company, Choksi mentioned that the platform is more focused on driving artists from smaller cities of India at the moment. The motivation behind this is to represent multifarious art forms on the platform, thus giving a boost to artistic creativity, she added.

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