Indian Have Potential To Unlock Additional $200mn With Customer Experience: KPMG Report


According to a report by KPMG, Indian companies have the potential to create an additional USD 200 billion in value by improving customer experiences.

The report focuses on how top brands in retail, financial services, travel, telecom, and utility sectors have successfully implemented intentional customer experiences. It is based on a survey of over 5,000 Indian consumers and aims to recognise organizations that excel in providing superior customer experiences.

India excels in customer experience, surpassing global benchmarks. Personalised experiences and meeting customer expectations are key factors contributing to this success.

Many of the brands in the survey have set the bar higher by improving their CEE score (avg +5 per cent), mainly driven by improvement in the expectations pillar (avg +7 per cent).

Retail is an important sector, scoring 8.33 in loyalty. Customers in retail are highly loyal and willing to pay more for perceived value. Brands like Nike, Puma, Kalyan Jewellers, Crossword, and Skechers are recognised in this sector. Customer experience and personalisation play a vital role in building loyalty.

The report also highlights a few brands that have made significant leaps in their CEE ranking, as movers and shakers, including ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Airtel, Hotstar, Crossword, and HDFC Standard Life Insurance.

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