Prosus To Split Edtech, Food-delivery Segments


Prosus, the Dutch-listed arm of South African technology investor Naspers, has announced that it will be splitting its edtech and food-delivery segments into two separate entities, each with its own dedicated leadership team.

The move, which will be effective from September 1, 2023, is aimed at better managing the growing portfolio of companies under each segment.

Roger Rabalais, who was previously the chief financial officer for both segments, will be taking over as the CEO of the food delivery segment. Gautam Thakar, the CEO of OLX Autos, has been appointed as the CEO of the edtech vertical. Larry Illg, who was acting as the chief executive of the combined segment, will be stepping down.

The internal reshuffle is a sign of Prosus’s commitment to its edtech and food-delivery businesses. Both segments have been growing rapidly in recent years, and Prosus is keen to ensure that they continue to succeed.

The appointment of Rabalais and Thakar as CEOs is a significant move. Both executives have a wealth of experience in the technology industry, and they are well-positioned to lead their respective segments to further growth.

The split of the two segments is also likely to have implications for Prosus’s investment in BYJU’S. Rabalais and Thakar are expected to be appointed as Prosus’s representatives on the board of BYJU’S. This could give them a greater say in the company’s future direction.

The move by Prosus is a sign of the growing importance of the edtech and food-delivery sectors. Both segments are expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years, and Prosus is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth.

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