Interior Designers, Architects Platform Boxs Raises $1.6mn


Boxs, a platform for interior designers and architects, has raised USD 1.6 million in funding. The funding will be used to improve their product offering and manufacturing capabilities.

Boxs allows designers to access a library of modules for creating designs, with the option to customize them. The platform calculates prices in real-time, and the final products are manufactured and delivered assembled within two to three weeks.

The company is currently working with 30 interior design firms in Chennai and has helped them save up to 50 per cent on construction timelines. The founders of Boxs have a background in technology and engineering.

Boxs intends to utilise the newly acquired funds to enhance its product offering and augment its manufacturing capabilities, as stated in the company’s official announcement. The Boxs platform empowers interior designers to leverage a rich library of modular components, enabling them to craft personalised designs and seamlessly customise the available modules to align with their vision.

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