EvolveX To Invest In 50 Startup By Year End


EvolveX accelerator, a startup accelerator spearheaded by We Founder Circle (WFC), a early-stage startup investment platform led by a global community of successful founders and strategic angels, has set an ambitious target to transform the startup ecosystem with investments in 50 ventures by year end.

The flagship accelerator will fuel deserving early-stage startups with USD 20-30K seed funding and empower them to raise up to USD 100K during the program. To date, EvolveX has invested a substantial sum of half a million USD in startups, and the accelerator has set an impressive goal of investing up to USD 1.5 million through its EvolveX program in the year 2023.

“We at EvolveX Accelerator are thrilled to embark on a transformative journey, propelling the startup ecosystem to new horizons. Our unwavering commitment to investing in 50 game-changing ventures by the end of this year reflects our belief in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through our comprehensive support system, including substantial seed funding, access to seasoned mentors, and a thriving community. We expect most of our accelerator companies to go on and build big sustainable businesses and we will continue to fund their future rounds.” said Bhawna Bhatnagar, Co-Founder, EvolveX.

EvolveX started its journey in March 2022 and completed the year with the closure of its 2nd Cohort. In its first 2 Cohorts, EvolveX mentored and funded 14 startups. In the year 2023, EvolveX has set its sights on a total of 4 Cohorts, encompassing a total of 36 startups. In the running year, it already successfully completed Cohort 3 in April 2023. The fourth Cohort is set to commence in June 2023.

“With EvolveX, We Founder Circle has broaden its impact at pre seed & seed stage startups. The idea is to give funding visibility to early-stage entrepreneurs from pre seed to upto angel rounds along with active mentoring & business support” said Neeraj Tyagi, Co-founder and CEO, We Founder Circle

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