Delhivery Board Of Directors Approves 1.7 Lakh Shares For ESOPs


The board of directors of logistics firm Delhivery has approved and allotted 1,70,676 shares at Rs 1 each, the company announced on Friday to the stock exchange. This raises the company’s paid-up share capital from Rs. 72,81,40,208 to Rs. 72,83,10,883.

Delhivery Employee Stock Option Plan 2012 (ESOP 2012) has 87,976 shares, while Delhivery Employee Stock Option Plan III 2020 has 82,700 shares (ESOP 2020). In all respects, the allotted shares will rank pari passu (on an equal footing) with the company’s existing equity shares.

The company told the stock exchange, “We wish to inform you that the Stakeholder Relationship Committee of Delhivery Limited on Friday, January 06, 2023, approved and allotted equity shares of face value Re 1 each against the exercise of vested Options,” the company told the stock exchange.”

The company approved the grant of 46,219 stock options under the Delhivery Employees Stock Option Plan 2012 in December (ESOP 2012). The following month, it informed the exchanges that it had approved and allotted 12,55,568 equity shares with a face value of Re 1 each. Delhivery Employee Stock Option Plan 2012 (ESOP 2012): 6,82,168; Delhivery Employee Stock Option Plan III 2020: 5,73,400 (ESOP 2020)

The company said it adjusted Rs 79 crores of ESOP expenses in its second-quarter results. The company has granted approximately 43.45 million ungranted stock options and approximately 30.2 million unvested but granted stock options.

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