Indigo, Others Invest $6 M In Agritech Startup Grow Indigo


Grow Indigo, an agri-tech startup, raised more than $6 million in its most recent funding round, bringing its total capital raise to more than $13 million. The round drew interest from global investors, including Indigo, Mahyco, and HNIs.

Grow Indigo has conceptualised farming #carbon as a crop for smallholder farmers in India. A 1 per cent increase in soil carbon would remove over 7 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere if implemented on 120 million acres (about one-third) of cropland in India.

The company has assembled a skilled team of 200 Agronomists, Data Scientists, Engineers/Techies, a Sales team, and Researchers dedicated to resolving climate crises through agricultural interventions.

Carbon, as a new crop, has the potential to become the fifth largest agricultural commodity in the country, with an additional $7 billion in income for smallholder farmers by 2030. This will significantly reduce GHG emissions and assist businesses in meeting their climate commitments.

Grow Indigo has made significant investments to build a large library of useful microbes, which allows farmers to reduce chemical inputs while increasing their ability to generate carbon credits.

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