India Has Potential To Become The Global Leader In AI: MD, IBM India


According to IBM India’s Managing Director Sandip Patel, India has the potential to become the global leader in artificial intelligence innovation based on the number of patents filed in this field.

The senior technology director made these remarks at the company’s AI day, which was held in Bengaluru to highlight the company’s capabilities in this area.

Sandip mentioned, “India can revolutionise the global AI landscape and if you look at the 5,000 patents filed in this segment in the last decade, the country is at a point where it can become a considerable force.”

The IBM India head highlighted how AI has made deep inroads into the Indian economy touching almost every segment be it agriculture, financial services, healthcare etc.

According to IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2022, 57 per cent of IT professionals in India report that their organisation has actively deployed AI in their business, and more than a quarter (27 per cent) report that their organisation is investigating the use of AI.

IBM expects AI adoption to accelerate in seven key areas by 2023. These areas are as follows: AI-powered intelligent automation, the rise of cyber assistants, the creation of reusable AI through foundation models, synthetic data, energising a carbon-neutral future, personalisation across multiple dimensions, and trustworthy AI implemented at the enterprise scale.

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