Top 6 Funding By Artha Ventures In 2022


Founded in 2012, Artha India Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Mumbai, India, that was founded in 2012. The firm invests in startups in their seed and early stages. The firm invests in a variety of industries, including hospitality, travel, fin-tech, blockchain, data analytics, consumer goods and services, big data, the internet of things, cloud service, renewable energy, and ed-tech.

Below given is the top 6 fundraise by firm in 2022

Leverage Edtech

In January, the firm backed the edtech startup with $2.3 million in a series B funding round.

With one-touch access to personalised mentors and leading global universities, New Delhi-based Leverage Edu empowers students across India to choose the best-matched career and higher education options. Leverage Edu, founded in 2017 by Akshay Chaturvedi, Rajiv Ganjoo, and Aman Arora, has been recognised as India’s most trusted university admissions company.

Artha Ventures, DSG Consumer Partners, Blume Ventures, and prominent entrepreneurs and business builders from India and Silicon Valley are among the company’s backers.

Agnikul Cosmos

Artha infused $2 million in the Series B round as a follow-up investment.

Agnikul is a company based at IIT-Madras’ National Center for Combustion Research and Development (R&D). Srinath Ravichandran and Moin SPM founded the company in 2017 to provide a dedicated launch vehicle for smaller satellites at a lower cost. 

Artha, CIIE, Speciale Invest, Globevestor, LionRock Capital, LetsVenture, and Pi Ventures are among the company’s backers. Anirudh A. Damani, Founder, Artha Group, told BW Disrupt that in India, our primary focus will be fintech infrastructure, i.e., the digital infrastructure required to acquire, assess, process, disburse, and collect a loan with ease, accuracy, and efficiency. Indian consumers’ access to credit continues to be one of the lowest among the largest economies in the world. If the amount of credit available to consumers could double over the next 5–7 years, it would be a game changer.

He added, “Besides, continue to look for intelligent plays in D2C enablers, and we are paying close attention to what is happening with ONDC. Globally, we want to double our investments in Africa and open our investment account in Southeast Asia.”

Laminar Global

In March, the VC firm invested $1.8 million in a seed funding round.

Laminar is a video-streaming platform as a service (PAAS) designed for content companies looking to run a Netflix-scale service. The platform is made up of four major moving parts that work together to help content creators and businesses build a streaming business. Artha Ventures is one of the platform’s investors.

Precisely touching upon funding, he stated that funding is available for founders who are building businesses, solving real problems with positive unit economics and solid moats through efficient technology utilisation, and seeking reasonable investment terms and valuations.

Everest Fleet

In May, the VC firm has invested $1 in pre-series A round as a follow-up investment.

Everest Fleet was founded in October 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In Mumbai, they operate under the Uber brand and have a fleet of over 800 cars. It is a fleet industry market leader.

Their mission is to ensure efficiency across all channels in order to make daily commutes easier and riding more enjoyable. They are passionate about what they do and are willing to go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. They intend to have a significant and long-term impact on the lives of the drivers so that they can provide a decent living for their families.

Karma Life

In February, Artha invested $700k in Karma Life’s Pre Series A funding round.

KarmaLifeAI provides subscription-based finance to blue-collar workers based on Digital Karma. It provides them with digitally integrated credit, payment, and insurance solutions to help them better manage their daily cash flows and become more financially resilient.

Their UPI-linked credit stack is routed through employers and aggregators, allowing it to capture user work histories, provide instant recurring loans or pay-out advances, and ensure funds are used productively. Businesses that collaborate with them can provide comprehensive, impactful, and simple-to-implement employee benefits that boost productivity and retention without incurring financial risk.

Their existing partners have reported a 30 per cent increase in worker productivity after implementing the solution. Workers have been able to quickly increase their credit scores. KarmaLifeAI now collaborates with major digital gig platforms in industries such as ride-sharing, food-tech, e-commerce, logistics, and flexi-staffing.

The VC firm expects to deploy Rs 250-300 crores across our committed funds and between $10 and $15 million from family office syndicates.


In September, the company invested around $600k in a seed funding round.

Hubbler, founded in 2016, is a SaaS product company that assists enterprises in easily managing, digitising, automating, and optimising business processes. With simple, user-friendly automation solutions, they enable the development of customizable digital business applications. The mission of Hubbler is to create solutions for people.

We believe in a people-first workplace strategy to improve collaboration, engage employees more effectively, and manage productivity. Hubbler introduces the digital workforce to an app development experience that is seamless, code-free, and plug-and-play. Hubbler’s platform is a powerful tool that integrates workflows, communications, and analytics modules for enterprises of any size, with over 200+ ready-to-use apps and services.

Moreover, Artha will finish deploying new investments from Artha Venture Fund-I by the end of the fourth quarter of FY23. Further, it will begin warehousing and deploying for Artha Venture Fund-II and expect to do 10–12 deals at the seed to Series A stage, deploying over Rs 100 crore. In addition, it aims to deploy Rs 100–120 crores from the Artha Select Fund into growth opportunities within our current portfolio.

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