Creduce Aims To Raise USD 20 Mn


Creduce, India’s prestigious carbon credits and climate tech player, is preparing to raise $20 million in a Series A round from a group of investors and select Venture Capitalists. With the funds raised, Creduce intends to leapfrog into the next generation of efforts, which is seen as a boost to Climate Change efforts.

The funds raised would propel Creduce to the top of the world’s climate change mitigation firms and assist Creduce in developing a much-needed eco-system for climate change firms in India.

Talking about receiving the seed funding, Shailendra Singh Rao, Climateur & Founder of Creduce, said, “We have aggressively transitioned from being a consulting firm to a technology firm in the field of climate change mitigation. With our entry into blockchain with Kichee Tokens, Shunya, our Carbon Neutrality arm for corporates, we would utilise the funds to focus on creating user-friendly technology and advanced interface systems so that every individual can keep track of his/her carbon footprint.”

Previously, Creduce and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh signed an exclusive Bamboo Forestation and Carbon Credits sequestration and origination agreement. The agreement covers 100,000 (one lakh) hectares of land and will generate 100 million carbon credits and USD 1.5 billion in revenue for the state over the next ten years.

With the launch of KICHEE, India’s first tradable blockchain token, the Carbon Credits and Climate Tech player is revolutionising the Carbon Credit sector.

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