MediBuddy Acquires Telehealth Startup Clinix


MediBuddy, a digital healthcare platform, announced the acquisition of Clinix, an online medical consultation platform focusing on rural India, for an undisclosed amount on Wednesday. Clinix offers a network of 20 tier 3 and tier 4 cities that serve the rural population’s healthcare requirements. The acquisition of Clinix by MediBuddy will allow them to extend their operations and spread their services to rural India’s interiors.

Clinix has established a mechanism for training and empowering individuals by teaching them how to arrange online doctor consultations. Furthermore, they have set up kiosks in various areas that effectively act as an e-clinic, where individuals may visit a doctor online for their general healthcare requirements with the assistance of a facilitator.

“With our network & infra-tech support, we intend to extend our reach and services further and achieve our objective of addressing a big portion of the population who have inadequate access to quality healthcare,” said Satish Kannan, MediBuddy’s co-founder, and CEO.

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