Fintech Platform DollarBull to provide access to Indian investors for investing in over US stocks and ETFs


DollarBull, a Fintech Platform empowering Indian investors with global investing solutions, has partnered with one of the most renowned securities trading businesses in the world – TradeStation Inc., a part of the Monex Group of Japan, to democratize international investing for Indian investors by providing easy online access to some of the best investment strategies in the world.

TradeStation which is one of the world’s largest players in discount broking has collaborated with DollarBull to enter the Indian market. India is a burgeoning market for global investing, with steady growth in the number of Indians investing in overseas equity, each year.

On the DollarBull Platform, an investor may choose from 4000+ US Stocks & 2000+ ETFs as well as professionally managed investment strategies built by reputed industry experts.

DollarBull also helps them research further on investing trends in global markets as well as provide support for their cross-border money transfers.
TradeStation’s award-winning trading and analysis platforms offer access to Stocks & ETFs, at all major U.S. exchanges. TradeStation offers access to the powerful tools needed to design, test, optimize, monitor, and automate their investment strategies.  It is registered with FINRA and the SEC.
Commenting on the development, John Bartleman, President and CEO of TradeStation Group, Inc said, “ We are excited to serve Indian investors and increase accessibility to the U.S. markets. We’re proud to work with DollarBull as we continue to expand our global reach. TradeStation’s API integrations make it easy to provide investors with exceptional trading technology, online brokerage services, and trading education.”
DollarBull creates a level playing field for the emerging middle class to achieve their global aspirations by making the best global investment opportunities more accessible.
Raj Gandhi, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, DollarBull said, “We launched DollarBull with the singular idea of making it easier for all fellow Indians to follow their global aspirations through international investments in strategies best suited to their goals. It’s our honour and privilege to join forces with TradeStation as we work to spread the message of Global Investing in India.”

How DollarBull helps Indian Investors

Zero Cost Access

DollarBull believes that access to investing internationally should be free for everyone. Therefore, the DollarBull platform is accessible to everyone at Zero fees and Zero commissions. Additionally, DollarBull clients benefit from one-of-a-kind intelligent routing technology for order execution that enables the best price discovery and thereby saves $0.007 per share on average.

Safety & Security

The DollarBull platform uses 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure investor security and to protect all investor information. Further, DollarBull clients also benefit from a complimentary $24.5 million insurance cover provided for each account. This is in addition to the mandatory $500,000 SIPC insurance cover prescribed by SEC for overall insurance of US$25 million for each account.
Adding further, Sahil Sachdev, Co-founder, and Chief Information Officer, DollarBull said, “Safety and Security of transactions and money is the most important consideration for any investor, especially on an online platform. We at DollarBull are fortunate to be in partnership with such a technologically advanced player like TradeStation. Our every effort goes into ensuring that safety and security are not compromised while providing the best user experience while transacting on our platform”

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