Arya more than doubles its business to hit an AUM of INR 9300 Cr.


Arya – India’s largest post-harvest Agritech player, reports a growth in its Asset Under Management (AUM) of 125% – from INR 4200 to INR 9300 Cr on a Q-on-Q basis for the quarter ending June ‘21. The company’s success is a true testament to its  platform’s robust expansion initiative that has impacted the lives of over 6 lac farmers on the platform. Given its commitment to stakeholders closer to the farmgate, the start-up has increased its FPO base from 300 to 500 over the past year. In this span, Arya has also expanded its warehousing footprint from 15 Lac tonnes to 50 Lac tonnes covering 30 Mn sq. ft. 

Linked to around 5500 warehouses in 20 states at 1530 locations, 85% of Arya collateral’s presence caters to India’s rural locations servicing customers such as farmers, FPOs and small aggregators. Arya’s digital platform also witnessed a growth of 3X in its loan portfolio disbursing over INR 4400 Crores through its own balance sheet and in partnership with banks and financial institutions.  

 Speaking on this phenomenal growth, Prasanna Rao, CEO & Co-Founder, Arya said, “The pandemic has validated the relevance of our services. Greater adoption of technology across the agricultural value chain has ensured significantly deeper penetration of our integrated services, strengthening our position as a market leader in the agritech ecosystem. The growth in our business over the past 12 months  is a reflection of the additional value created for our customers in near farm markets.”.

 Arya’s integrated near farm solutions – covering aggregation, storage, finance, and market linkages -ensure better returns for its customers over 68 commodities. Addressing the issue of fragmented value chains in Indian agriculture, Arya offers a one stop solution through its integrated digital platform connecting the demand side with the supply side creating a layer of trust. The commodity marketplace on Arya’s digital platform facilitated a sale of agri-produce worth over INR100 crores in the last quarter. The complete visibility of quality and assurance provided by Arya guarantees peace of mind for the buyer.  

The agritech startup has been a pioneer in deploying technology at the farmgate. AI enabled quality testing and IoT enabled storage solutions have been pathbreaking solutions that ensure better returns for smallholder farmers, FPOs and smaller aggregators alongside lower food loss.  It is estimated that Arya’s has reduced value erosion of agricultural produce by over 15%. Arya has built its  robust business around key risk mitigation structures. It has been the first player in the industry to secure warehouse occupancy insurance and price risk mitigation structures. 

 Arya is among the rare breed of  startups that are profitable.

 About Arya:

Arya is India’s leading Agritech start-up with a focus on integrated post-harvest services. Driving technology through a human-centered approach, Arya is leveraging technology to bridge the Last Mile by building a strong Agritech and Fintech platform. It’s simply an integrated and easy-to-use platform that helps users to choose ancillary services like warehouse management, access to finance, quality testing, storage protection services, and connecting produce to buyers all through a robust technology-enabled back-end ecosystem.  Through its profitable business model with over 5.0 million tonnes of storage capacity across 5,500 warehouses in 21 Indian states, Arya helps farmers, aggregators, Farmer Producer Organisations, food processors and end-user corporates avoid post-harvest losses. It efficiently connects the supply side of the Agri ecosystem with the demand side. Arya assists sellers of agri-commodities to avoid distress sale of produce by extending post-harvest credit. It has completed loan disbursements of over Rs 4400 Crores.

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