#VCW100 – Ninad Karpe: The Great India Fintech Opportunity & Other Big Ideas


Ninad Karpe is the Partner of 100x.vc and Former MD & CEO of Aptech Ltd. With the experience of starting out an international product in India in the 1990s, which had a global presence, in the nascent years of his career, Ninad Karpe built an Indian consumer brand within the country and in emerging nations.  During an exclusive interview with VC World, he opined that, “Customers want smooth transactions and less friction points, technology and fintech can solve many of its problems. There are still massive markets for the Fintech sector of India. The large MSME sector of India has deep financial needs”.

At 100x, startups are evaluated based on the capabilities of the entrepreneurs to scale the business. Building a business is not a journey of income, it is a journey of wealth. He believes that the secret sauce is to know if the founder can implement the idea and scale it big, and understand the market size of the product or service.

He is a firm believer of supporting local artists, and has been behind the productions of several theatre plays in Mumbai. When asked if now the right time is to start a venture, he said, “Do not wait. Do it. Today, capital is chasing ideas. The world is conspiring to make you successful. There has never been a better time to startup in India”.

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