SportsApp Raises $140K In Seed Funding


SportsApp, a Noida-based start-up, raised $140K in seed round of funding led by noted names like Sanjay Ahuja, Shubhrendu Khoche, Anirban Basu, Kuldeep Puri, and Ram Ganesan, among others. This platform primarily addresses the aspiring sportspersons of India with respect to issues like sponsorships, access to information, and professional support. The start-up uses a pro uses a proprietary tech platform to solve the asymmetric access to “Community, Sponsorships, and Career.” They are connecting via Instant messaging with coaches, fellow athletes, physios, nutritionists, and other industry professionals. 

SportsApp will be utilizing the funds to further enhance its technology, market, and marketing options. This round of funding will further catalyze the fast growth this start-up has witnessed in key KPIs since its inception. The start-up clocked an impressive 400% scale-up in revenues during the pandemic year of 2020-21 FY. 

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