Enabling Qapital Partners With Vivriti Asset Management


Swiss impact investment firm Enabling Qapital (EQ) has partnered with Vivriti Asset  Management (VAM), a leading Indian asset manager, to invest up to INR 375 Cr over time towards fostering UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and supporting businesses that are expected to lead economic recovery post-pandemic.

The partnership aims to provide debt finance to support small enterprises and fintech, empower women entrepreneurs, and strengthen agriculture supply chains. Enabling Qapital Ltd. (EQ) is a leading Swiss Impact Investment Advisory Company with strong ties, expertise, and a proven track record in Impact Investing and especially Microfinance. The firm has a global footprint with more than 25 team members based in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kenya, Pakistan, Kirgistan, India, and Ecuador. EQ is currently advising assets of roughly USD 300 Million.

“We are excited about our partnership with Vivriti Asset Management for our India investment strategy, which aims to channel capital to segments underserved by the prevailing financial system. This aligns with EMF’s global priorities of financing livelihood and small enterprises. The partnership will leverage the Vivriti team’s extensive track record of identifying high-quality enterprises, investing in Indian credit markets, and managing risk across business cycles,” said Chuck Olson, Managing Partner at Enabling Qapital.

“We are pleased to partner with Enabling Qapital, to drive objectives that both firms are passionate about,” said Soumendra Ghosh, Chief Investment Officer of Vivriti Asset Management and Founding Member of Vivriti Group. “India’s shallow debt markets present a massive opportunity to asset managers with the ability to bridge the gap between perceived and real risk. Powered by the group’s strong technology and risk-management backbone, we at Vivriti Asset Management have been able to consistently create portfolios demonstrating superior-to-market risk-adjusted return, while investing in socially responsible enterprises.”

Vivriti Asset Management has pioneered the performing credit space in India. Earlier this year, VAM raised commitments of INR 1,300 cr across its funds from global and domestic investors interested in investing in this space. These funds target yields between 8-16% with low volatility of return, by providing mid-market and emerging enterprises with tailored finance.

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