N+1 Capital To Back Three Start-ups


N+1 Capital firm recently announced that it has kicked off the maiden investments in three start-ups namely Teamonk Global Foods, ShypLite, and Clensta Technologies.  N+1 is stage and sector agnostic and invests in profitable companies with ticket sizes of up to Rs 15 Crores. They have High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) on board, with more than 100 companies already invested in them.

Earlier in 2021, the N+1 had received approval from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) to launch as a Cat-II AIF, with a target corpus of $100 million out of which $25 Million will be green show, and its venture partner will be LetsVenture.

Founded by two Kellogg School of Management graduates, Ashish Singla, and Rahul, N+1 Capital was launched as a non-equity-based asset class. It gets a percentage share every month of the investee company’s ongoing revenue situation. The interests of the fund and investee company are aligned to one another.

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