Healthcare Robotics Start-up Comofi Medtech Raises INR 2.15 Crore From JITO Angel Network, CIIE and KIIT TBI


Comofi Medtech, a healthcare-focused robotics startup, today announced that it has raised INR 2.15 crore in a Seed funding round from JITO Angel Network, a worldwide organization providing opportunities for investment in early-stage startups along with CIIE & KIIT TBI.

JITO Angel Network is India’s only community-based platform focused on new venture investing. The network, today has a strong portfolio in various sectors and invested in 38+ companies, and taken few Exits. Founded in 2018, Comofi Medtech Pvt. Ltd is a Bengaluru-based deeptech startup that endeavors to provide healthcare solutions that improve health outcomes for patients and enhance work efficiency and safety of healthcare practitioners.

Launched with a vision to build advanced medical technology products in India for the world, it leverages the use of mechatronics, robotics, AI, and AR technologies to develop its proprietary nGuide platform. nGuideTM helps surgeons to visualize the target area in great detail, with higher precision and increases surgical efficiency, outcome, and safety of healthcare practitioners.

The funds will be invested for team expansion, product compliance, certification, and working capital. Comofi Medtech also plans to increase the hospital network, add strategic depth, and achieve the first few installations in the hospitals.

In the last two months, Comofi has expanded the team and manufacturing space for the device and consumables. Device Compliance and IEC 62304 work has been initiated. “Surgery use cases and technologies are moving towards intra-operative planning. Real-time and more accurate planning is possible due to advancement in medical image processing. We are excited and believe the partnership with JITO Angel Network and other investors on board will help us have deep experience in facilitating innovation and business growth,” said Satish Kalme, Founder, Comofi Healthtech.

“Innovation for the betterment of mankind is the key driver of this century and Technological Innovation in robotic surgery is the future of healthcare. The team is young, multi-disciplinary, and dynamic and has the vision to develop sustainable, reliable, efficient, and economic-yet-innovative solutions. The Next-generation surgical robots will be integral in augmenting a surgeon’s skills effectively to achieve accuracy and high precision during complex procedures. We (JITO Angel Network Members) are happy to contribute towards the same and have Comofi as our portfolio company.”- Lead Investors – Abhay Jain (Neon Laboratories), JITO ANGEL NETWORK

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